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Some of my work is confidential or for internal use. Here are examples of my published work.

The story of PIKL (not named after a cat)

Event report written under my own name for Norfolk Network.

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Digitising the car buying journey

Ghost written on behalf of Foolproof for their blog.

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How we reimagined learning and teaching for the modern world

Case study for Airteam, Australia.

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How Glenn and Joanna improved warehouse efficiency

Blog article for Borg & Overström.

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How AI is changing how customers think about savings and investments

Article ghost written on behalf of Foolproof and published in Global Banking & Finance Review.

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How to plan your new website

Blog article for Creative Sponge.

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3 numbers that will make your digital marketing more profitable

Written for Fountain Partnership and published on their blog.

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In-house water testing lab an industry first

News update written on behalf of Borg & Overström for their blog.

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