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In the future, anything that can be connected will be

In The Future, Anything That Can Be Connected Will Be


Image credit: Sketchnotes by Chris Spalton on Tumblr

The Internet of Things was the subject for this panel debate held by Norfolk Network earlier this month. It was a pleasure to not only attend the event but to also write a report of the debate on behalf of Norfolk Network for their website.


By 2020 there will be around 50 billion connected devices, declared Nick Thompson – Creative Technology Director at Foolproof and Founder of creative tech studio Knit – in his opening remarks to a sell-out Norfolk Network audience. These connections are creating what he described as a “digital nervous system” connecting physical things like phones, coffee-makers, headphones, lamps… and people, in a giant network-exchange of data and information.

In the future, added Nick, relationships will be between ‘people and people’, ‘people and things’, and also ‘things and things’. Formally ‘dumb’ devices have now been given eyes and ears through cameras and microphones and the ability to interpret the world around it through sensors. “The future trend is going to be anything that can be connected, will be connected.”

But what does this mean for business? How do you get started in the Internet of things (IoT)? And what about security. These are the big questions Norfolk Network posed to a panel of experts on 27th April at St George’s Works, Norwich. Thanks to the panellists: Nick Thompson; Paul Foster, Principal Technical Evangelist at Microsoft; Julian Hirst, Managing Partner at Tribal Worldwide; and Neil Garner, Founder of Thyngs, for their insights into the world of IoT.

Read the full report on the Norfolk Network website



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