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David Bailey – the pursuit of quality

David Bailey – The Pursuit Of Quality


Norfolk Network’s February speaker was David Bailey, CEO of Aitrak. David believes passionately in “quality” as the driving-force for personal development and commercial success.


Many Norfolk Network members found they could relate to David’s non-linear career path. He told of a meandering journey, beginning at age 13 with a new computer, and including The Gap, Apple, tech start-ups and launching his current business Aitrak.

Quality as a theme was not immediately obvious to David. It was in looking back that he discovered it had become his “North Star”. To answer the question ‘What is quality?’ he began by defining what it is not.

We all know what quality is, even if we can’t define it.

Quality isn’t tangible but we know it’s there.

It’s not the same as perfection, and it’s not the same as luxury, or premium.

Quality is saying a thousand No’s for every Yes

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