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You shouldn’t bother with a company blog… or should you?

Opinions remain divided over whether to bother with a company blog.  Some marketers consider it to be old hat believing there are faster ways to drive leads.  Content marketers and SEO specialists largely believe you can’t do without one.

Marketers love to debate. But, that’s not helpful for business leaders making a decision about which marketing strategies are most effective for their business.  It’s easy to get distracted by shiny new tools and strategies that promise results with less work when ultimately you want to drive sales leads.

Right now, in the marketing world, it’s all about the hard numbers – proving ROI beyond reasonable doubt.  The blog doesn’t fit with this viewpoint.  You can’t use sales conversion numbers to prove whether your blog is working because blogs rarely lead to a direct, attributable sale.

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7 ways a culture of content will benefit your business long-term

Thought bubble - creating a culture of content

Valuable, contextually relevant content that engages a target audience is essential to the success of marketing and sales teams. But in my opinion, content production is one of the more difficult jobs for agencies to set up and maintain.

The answer is to leverage the wealth of employee knowledge and expertise by creating a culture of content that actively encourages and rewards participation. A successful programme will allow time for thinking and creation. It will have budget for rewards and recognition. It will also be headed up by a marketing team that is skilled at journalism and people management.

If your business is struggling to maintain a content pipeline and your marketing is suffering, consider involving your wider team in these activities. Get it right and your business will benefit in these 7 key ways.

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Agency marketing: How to produce better blog content

Thought bubble that says agency blogging

You need to think like a journalist but execute like a marketer if you want to create better content for your agency blog. 

Too many agency marketing managers fall into the trap of talking too much about their agency in their marketing and particularly on their blog.

On the one hand, your blog serves to paint a picture of who your agency is.  On the other, it should support the sales funnel for your new business team.  It does that by answering customer problems or questions.  It helps to warm your customers up and inform them about your business before they contact you.

So, when planning and producing content for your blog you need to put on the hat of a journalist.

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LinkedIn proves there is no formula for content marketing success


According to new research published by LinkedIn and Buzzsumo, there is no secret formula when it comes to content that flies and that which pans on social media.

This comes as no surprise, but even I can’t help feeling a little disappointed that there’s no format to follow for content production and marketing. On the plus side, the report is very interesting when it comes to the type of content that works across sectors, which is arguably more important for B2B marketers.  

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The value of discipline, practice and creativity for marketers


With the Christmas cake reduced to a few hard crumbs and just Toffees and Coffee Creams left in the box, my thoughts of course turn to diet and exercise. Christmas is one of the few times in the year when you can freely indulge, guilt-free in all manner of delicious treats. But the cold, dark January mornings come as quite the shock and do nothing for my motivation. While it’s certainly far easier to stay in bed, there’s no nicer way to set you up for the day than with a few yogic stretches.

The art of yoga is built on discipline, practice and creativity. So, as I move through my morning stretches, I can’t help but make comparisons with my job as a B2B digital marketer. Each day for me follows a similar pattern and it’s being disciplined, continually practicing, and being creative which helps me achieve my goals.

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