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Shades of grey of the human experience with Matt dobbin

Market research can reveal surprising and interesting things about the human experience.  It’s easy to make assumptions about your customers based on your own biases.  For example, you could assume that travel books are no longer relevant to travellers.  Why would you need a travel book when you have access to so many travel apps?  According to Matt Dobbin, Director of Atticus Research, travel books are still very much relevant to travellers today, often providing a respite from digital connectivity.

Matt started his career in market research after university, where he studied English Literature.  His degree armed him with many of the skills necessary for market research including gathering research, developing an angle and using research to support that angle.  Through research, he has studied almost every aspect of the human experience, both on and offline.

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Podcasting tips and trends from an audio production coach

Podcasting coach Rob Lawrence


Podcasts are so wonderfully versatile.  You can take them with you out running, hiking, in the car, on the train, in the kitchen, or in the garden.  In Rob Lawrence’s words, “podcasting is a form of media where you can truly multi-task”. 

Rob’s love of sound began in childhood.  He recalls recording the sounds around him on a pocket tape recorder.  After a successful career in Australia as a leader of technical teams, Rob returned home to rekindle his passion for recording and producing sound.  He is now an audio production coach, host of the ‘Inspirational Creatives’ podcast and Founder of Sound Theory.

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FXHOME’s Josh Davies on the reality of Virtual Reality

Josh Davies, FXHome Founder


FXHOME is one of Norwich’s underground tech companies. Understated but quietly confident and packing a punch in the visual-effects world. As specialist software developers for filmmakers and photographers, the company has over a million amateur and professional users around the world.

I first met its Founder, Josh Davies, earlier this year at a party. A few beers later and we were deeply engaged in a conversation about Virtual Reality (VR). It was fascinating stuff. Sadly, I couldn’t fully recall what we had talked about come the morning. So, a few weeks later, we got back together to continue the conversation in a more formal environment. Josh lives and breathes technology and is drawn towards VR and its potential for transforming the way in which we consume content.

There’re plenty of people talking about VR, but few possess the creative thinking or technical ability to really push this technology forward. I began the interview thinking about VR in what I now know was a very rudimentary and 2D way. I came away with a realisation that the world we know is about to get a whole lot bigger, from how we teach our children through to the holidays we take and the way in which we carry out our jobs day-to-day.

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Claire Riseborough on paving the way for tomorrow’s tech stars

Claire Riseborough, Step Into Tech Founder


If you’re of the generation that didn’t grow up with the internet or mobile phones, you likely marvel at how comfortable your children are with technology. For them it’s not a novelty, curiosity or even something that they think particularly deeply about. Technology is evolving quickly and so are the possibilities for our children, yet the education and resources they need to develop the skills for the tech jobs of tomorrow are lagging behind.

Claire Riseborough was inspired to set up Step Into Tech by her son James and his interest in coding. Concerned by the lack of support and resources she identified an opportunity to bring other children like James together to learn from and be inspired by each other.

The tech club has grown rapidly since the first meet-up in January and now regularly attracts upwards of 30 children and their parents. I met up with Claire to find out more about Step Into Tech – now a Community Interest Company – and her ambitions for helping children across East Anglia and beyond.

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Lucy Marks, Norfolk Network champion & relationship builder

Lucy Marks, Norfolk Network CEO


Founded in 2003, Norfolk Network is a 100 strong group of like-minded business professionals who come together each month to listen, learn and share knowledge. I caught up with Lucy Marks, Managing Director, as she prepares for their summer party. 

When you first meet Lucy she radiates with warmth, generosity and kindness. She has a tireless commitment to connecting business people within Norfolk, and her dedication to inspiring and creating opportunity for the next generation of business leaders is commendable.

A musician and performer at heart, Lucy has been instrumental in driving the award-winning networking group, Norfolk Network (NN), forward for almost a decade. With the community group turning 15 next year, she reflects on what has been a professional “roller-coaster” of a journey, and the rewards and challenges running a networking group on a shoestring brings.

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