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The value of discipline, practice and creativity for marketers


With the Christmas cake reduced to a few hard crumbs and just Toffees and Coffee Creams left in the box, my thoughts of course turn to diet and exercise. Christmas is one of the few times in the year when you can freely indulge, guilt-free in all manner of delicious treats. But the cold, dark January mornings come as quite the shock and do nothing for my motivation. While it’s certainly far easier to stay in bed, there’s no nicer way to set you up for the day than with a few yogic stretches.

The art of yoga is built on discipline, practice and creativity. So, as I move through my morning stretches, I can’t help but make comparisons with my job as a B2B digital marketer. Each day for me follows a similar pattern and it’s being disciplined, continually practicing, and being creative which helps me achieve my goals.

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3 simple ways to reinvigorate your digital marketing


It wasn’t until the birth of my son that I realised how much time I really spend doing nothing. Watching Bake Off is a mindless activity requiring very little effort on my part. Yes, I may learn how to bake the perfect breakfast pastry but how is that really going to enrich my life?

So I’ve been using my time more productively to expand my mind, my contacts and my knowledge. And what I’ve discovered is that I was stuck in a professional rut. Digital Marketing is a very satisfying and rewarding occupation but sometimes it can also leave you feeling very frustrated and a little disillusioned.

The hardest part of getting out of a rut is recognising that you’re in there in the first place. Once you know this there are some simple steps you can take to reinvigorate your digital marketing.

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