Podcasting tips and trends from an audio production coach

Podcasting coach Rob Lawrence


Podcasts are so wonderfully versatile.  You can take them with you out running, hiking, in the car, on the train, in the kitchen, or in the garden.  In Rob Lawrence’s words, “podcasting is a form of media where you can truly multi-task”. 

Rob’s love of sound began in childhood.  He recalls recording the sounds around him on a pocket tape recorder.  After a successful career in Australia as a leader of technical teams, Rob returned home to rekindle his passion for recording and producing sound.  He is now an audio production coach, host of the ‘Inspirational Creatives’ podcast and Founder of Sound Theory.

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George Davis on slugging it out in the boardroom

George Davis and Benjamin Murphy, Group COO for SenLab Group


Image credit: Rob Yeatman

This month Norfolk Network interviewed George Davis, CEO of The SenLab Group (above right). George told of his experiences as a young entrepreneur pitching for funding and scaling a business.

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Agency marketing: How to produce better blog content

Thought bubble that says agency blogging

You need to think like a journalist but execute like a marketer if you want to create better content for your agency blog. 

Too many agency marketing managers fall into the trap of talking too much about their agency in their marketing and particularly on their blog.

On the one hand, your blog serves to paint a picture of who your agency is.  On the other, it should support the sales funnel for your new business team.  It does that by answering customer problems or questions.  It helps to warm your customers up and inform them about your business before they contact you.

So, when planning and producing content for your blog you need to put on the hat of a journalist.

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One man’s mission to make banking truly digital

David Brear, 11:FS Founder


Image credit: Joe Lenton Photography

Last month Norfolk Network invited Fintech expert David Brear to talk about his career, how he co-founded his business 11:FS and the challenges facing banks competing in the digital age. Here’s an extract from my write-up for the Norfolk Network website.

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LinkedIn proves there is no formula for content marketing success


According to new research published by LinkedIn and Buzzsumo, there is no secret formula when it comes to content that flies and that which pans on social media.

This comes as no surprise, but even I can’t help feeling a little disappointed that there’s no format to follow for content production and marketing. On the plus side, the report is very interesting when it comes to the type of content that works across sectors, which is arguably more important for B2B marketers.  

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