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It’s a cliché to say “I’ve been writing since I was a kid” or “I’ve always loved books” but, then again, I have. When I was growing up I wrote poems and short stories. At every opportunity I had my nose stuck in a book. I have a particular fondness for swashbuckling stories like The Three Musketeers and The Princess Bride.

I started out at The Franchise Magazine, a B2B consultancy and publisher, where I progressed to Editor. Almost six years later I was headhunted to join a department at Aviva as a researcher and writer in their innovation team.

My interest in marketing began when I started work at a design studio. I was later introduced to user experience design (UX) when I joined Foolproof as their Marketing Manager. In the eight years that I worked for the agency I refined my skills writing articles, blogs, whitepapers, press releases, presentations, and other internal documents.

An agency of 100 people with offices in the UK and Singapore, Foolproof is one of Europe’s leading specialist experience design agencies. In addition to building the marketing function from the ground up, I managed marketing communications through a rebrand, two website redesigns, a merger and two acquisitions.

I have a personal interest in how the mind works, personal finance, and the effect of new technologies on society. I’m a mum, novice surfer, pianist, and nature lover.


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