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Empowering Businesses with Marketing Proficiency

B2B Marketing Consultant & Coach

“Thank you Rachel, for everything you’ve done for us! From helping us get a more strategic and organised handle on marketing, plus passing along your wordsmith and content wisdom.”

Maximise your marketing's ROI

To increase your marketing’s ROI you can optimise your marketing channels and/or improve the focus and efficiency of delivery to drive productivity.

I’m a marketing consultant and coach helping business owners to increase ROI and effectiveness of their marketing, by improving the efficiency and productivity of their marketing function.

As the owner of a small to medium sized business, labour is likely your largest marketing spend. So, you want to ensure your team and suppliers are focused on the right activities and efficient in their execution to drive results for your business.

It’s rarely talent holding businesses back

In my experience coaching marketing managers, it’s rarely a lack of talent or ideas that’s the issue. Marketing is adhoc when how a business is organised around its marketing is also adhoc. Improve the focus and efficiency in delivery and you also improve productivity and your ROI.

Symptoms that your marketing needs attention include:

  • There’s a strategy and a plan, and yet marketing is ad-hoc.
  • As the business owner, you spend too much time looking after marketing.
  • You’re spending money but you don’t know where it goes and what the ROI is.
  • Everyone and no-one is responsible for marketing.
  • Marketing reports on progress as and when someone thinks to ask for it.
  • Your marketing manager feels powerless to change what they know needs to be changed.
  • You never have enough time or money.
  • Marketing is invisible to, or misunderstood, by the rest of the organisation.

Consulting services for business owners

Over a series of four sessions we’ll evaluate how your marketing operates, how you communicate, the experiences you create, and how they measure up against your expectations. Together we’ll identify where your marketing needs attention, and then design a plan to help you attend to those areas.

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Coaching for Marketing Managers

Need support implementing your plan? Or looking for additional support for your marketing manager? Weekly 1:1 coaching helps keep your marketing on track and reduce the time you need to spend as the business owner working on your marketing.

Contact me to discuss how I can support your marketing manager or team

Contact me to discuss how to improve your marketing ROI

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