Becoming a thought leader takes less of you than you think

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Some of the most influential thought leaders and business writers don’t write their own books, blogs or articles. 

Behind many influential thinkers, you’ll find a professional writer

Ghost writer to CEOs & entrepreneurs

Hiring a ghost writer is nothing to be ashamed of.  You wouldn’t think twice of asking someone to fix your car for you or paint your house, even if you could do it yourself.  You may not have the specialist tools, you may not enjoy fixing up a car, you could simply not have the time.


Hiring a writer is no different.  You may be an excellent writer yourself.  You could have your own blog or written for external publications, but lack the motivation, consistency and freedom to keep it up.  Maybe you have great ideas but lack the confidence or technical skills to pull it together as a completed piece of writing.


My name is Rachel and I’m a ghost writer.  I typically write blogs, press articles, micro content for social media, and presentations for CEOs, C-level executives, Directors and Entrepreneurs in B2B services.  I also help business owners build an authoritative voice in their marketplace through speaker pitches, press article pitches and competitor gap analysis.


If you’ve ever had a brilliant idea in the shower, at night, or out driving but never had the time or felt you possessed the technical brilliance to turn it into anything more, you could benefit from a ghost writer.

Get in touch

If you want to resurrect a forgotten blog, raise your profile on LinkedIn, build your personal brand as a thought leader or land more speaking gigs you could benefit from a writing partner.


Since much of my work is written on behalf of someone else I am unable to show examples publicly.  If you would like to discuss working with me I will happily send you my portfolio.  In the meantime you can read other examples of my work on my blog.