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I Help Marketing Managers to...Become More CONFIDENTand EFFICIENTContent Creators.

Produce more relevant & professional content consistently.

“Rachel has provided the structure, and given clarity, to enable us to deliver professional and meaningful content.
Her clarity of vision, insight from experience and forward-thinking methodology has been a game-changer for
Borg & Overström’s social media presence and article writing.”

Richard Dunham, Marketing Director Borg & Overström



My purpose is to help businesses to produce better quality content for their website, social media or email outreach consistently.

The businesses I work with typically have a marketing manager in place, but are finding regular content creation difficult. This is usually down to one or more of the following: No clear content strategy; pipeline for no more than a few weeks; limited (if any) engagement from the rest of the business; lack of formalised processes.

If you have a marketing manager and want to keep production in-house, my 4-stage programme will give you the knowledge and processes to streamline content production.

STAGE 1 – Background Research & Content Strategy

STAGE 2 – Ideas Workshop & Content Plan

STAGE 3 – Tailored Training For Marketing Manager

STAGE 4 – Coaching, Writing & Editing Support


When it comes to coming up with ideas for content it helps to get a different perspective. A one-off ideas workshop could be all you need to inject new life into your content. Find out more about my facilitated content brainstorming sessions.

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