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Rachel BuckBusiness Writer

Produce more relevant and professional content consistently.

“Working with Rachel as our part-time CMO has been totally awesome. She knows more about marketing than anyone I know, gets huge amounts done in limited time, writes everything right first time and is a fantastic mentor to our in-house marketing team. And she is a really lovely person too… a complete pleasure to know and to work with!”

Neil Garner, Founder & CEO of Thyngs


My purpose is to help businesses write effective and engaging external and internal communications.

Content production can only be as good as the strategy that drives it. My work often includes an element of strategy work, whether that’s full strategy and planning or light strategy work to provide direction for content production.

Effective communication is a marriage of business objectives with customer needs. Whether an internal values document or an external sales brochure, it must deliver the desired outcomes and engage the customer in a language they understand.

My work includes on and offline copywriting, including articles, press releases, web copy, newsletters, sales brochures, and case studies. I also help businesses bring more clarity and structure to their marketing through consultancy and coaching.

Business Writing

Including: blogs, ghost writing, whitepapers, newsletters, case studies, web copy, press releases, sales documentation, editing, and proofreading.


One-on-one coaching and career development for marketing managers.

Ideas Workshop & Content Plan

Inject new life into your blog with a facilitated workshop and content plan.

Marketing Management

Consultancy service to bring more clarity and structure to your marketing. 

Recent Clients


Need help to establish, refresh or elevate your brand? Arrowlight is the other half of my business that I run with my husband Simon. Together, we help businesses to find their true tone of voice and written and visual aesthetic.


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