I help businesses manage the process of content production

Produce more consistently relevant & authoritative content


The businesses I work with typically have a marketing manager in place.  They are already working to a marketing plan but struggling to get traction with regular content production.  In my experience this is usually down to one or more of the following:

  • No clear content strategy
  • A pipeline of content of no more than a month, or so
  • Limited (if any) engagement from the rest of the business
  • Lack of formalised processes for content creation

The most well-informed content comes from the people on the front line, the doers in your business and not the marketing manager.  It’s your marketing team’s job to extract the expert information from within the business and turn it into content to be used in your marketing.  I can help your team to become more efficient at extracting thought leadership.

“Rachel has provided the structure, and given the clarity, to enable us to deliver professional and meaningful content.  Her clarity of vision, insight from experience and forward-thinking methodology has been a game-changer for Borg & Overström’s social media presence and article writing.  I would highly recommend Rachel’s input as an added dimension to your existing marketing department.”  

(Richard Dunham, Marketing Director Borg & Overström)


Most of the work I do is bespoke, however I usually guide businesses through the following stages.

  1. Background research and content strategy:  Includes authority benchmark, content audit, keyword research, content strategy hypothesis.
  2. Ideas workshop:  A workshop with up to 10 people from across the business to generate ideas for content.
  3. Training for marketing manager:  Address specific areas where the marketing manager needs support or advice such as editing processes and methods for extracting content.
  4. Coaching & writing support:  One day per month coaching for the marketing manager for as long as needed.

I also provide training or workshop sessions for businesses to address specific problems or challenges in their content marketing.

Recent Clients

Borg & Overström design and manufacture premium water dispensers and sell them through distributors globally.  They have an established marketing team but needed someone to help them get better at blog content and social media.  I created a content strategy based on my authority benchmark.  Then ran a content ideas workshop with the sales team to create a pipeline.  I continue to provide writing and editing services.

Airteam is a product design agency based in Sydney. Having grown their business organically they wanted to put a formal marketing programme in place.  I provided interim marketing support, including creating a marketing strategy and plan and providing writing support to the team for case studies and their website.

Fountain is a Digital Marketing Agency with offices in Norwich and London.  With a new marketing team and ambitious growth plans they wanted someone to help them get momentum behind their marketing, particularly in relation to content.  I provided ongoing coaching and support for the team as they became familiar with the business, including helping to engage the wider business in content creation, writing and editing blog posts.

Foolproof is an experience design agency with offices in Norwich, London and Singapore. I was employed by the agency as their marketing manager for almost 9 years.  After leaving employment, I continued to provide coaching and support to the new marketing team.

Freestyle is a digital marketing agency for “non-sexy’ businesses based in Warwick.  They had a marketing strategy and a marketing manager but were finding it difficult to extract thought-leadership from the wider business.  I spent a day with them going over their marketing processes and approach to identify ways of improving their content workflows.  I also ran a workshop with the wider business to engage others in content creation. 

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